How Can You Tell Whether You Need a New Roof or Just a Repair Job?

Sometimes a quick repair can solve all your problems for a while, and you don’t have to pay more than a few hundred dollars for it. Even if it doesn’t solve your roofing damage permanently, it can still keep your home safe from rain, hail and all the other damaging elements of nature, until you can hire a roofer to tackle the issue at a deeper level.

Knowing whether you need a roof repair or replacement is, of course, one of the key issues here. Having that information will help you save a lot of time and money, as well as making it easier to complete your repair or remodeling work once and for all, rather than just opting for quick and ineffective fixes.

When a Repair Job Is Enough

Repairs are typically enough when the issue is a small one and the roof is relatively new. If it hasn’t been more than 10 years since you had your roof installed, and you haven’t had too many issues with it, then chances are most damage will be fixed through a quick repair, such as replacing a few shingles, fixing a part of the flashing, or managing some small structural repair work on a part of the underlayment.

For durable roofing systems, such as a slate or metal roof, even 2-3 decades after it was installed, you can still get away with managing even harsh damage without needing a replacement. The only times when that doesn’t work is when a natural catastrophe hits your home, or when the roof is so badly damaged that you’re better off just replacing it.

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Getting a Brand New Roof

Getting a new roof is advantageous in a number of situations, and you’ll find that you don’t always have to get it done when the roof is too old or too damaged. You can also consider it, for instance, when you’re moving to a new house and you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and overall value. If your roof is even just 15-20 years old, then installing a brand new one makes sense, even if the old one is in relatively good shape.

Another case when a new roof might be a good idea is if there are structural issues. Over time, the roof can lose its structural integrity, so you might end up with bad ventilation, and your attic could get very hot during the summer. In such cases, while some repairs might be effective, most experienced Gaithersburg roof repair contractors will recommend a complete replacement especially if your roof is a little older and there are new roofing products and new upgrades available as well.

Even though one or more of these factors might be in play, it’s still best to try to be certain, before investing thousands of dollars into a brand new roof. So, instead of planning your roof replacement project from the start, consider calling your local Gaithersburg roof repair experts to inquire as to whether or not the damage on your roof might warrant a complete replacement.

Usually a quick roof inspection is all you’ll need to tell, especially if the roofer you contact has the experience and expertise required to help you out.