Picking the Most Suitable Furnace – the Features Offered by the Best Furnace Brands

Picking The Best Brands

The furnace is among the most important appliances in any home. While in the past, the open fireplace used to be the most common heating method, today central heating is the most widespread heating solution in rural and urban areas as well and the furnace market responds to the increased demand with variety and abundance, with offering a very wide range of furnaces. The furnaces available in stores today are varied in terms of capacity, fuel type, efficiency, economy and pricing as well – if you are currently looking for a new furnace and you are overwhelmed by the choice, here are some of the features that only the best furnace brands offer.

High Efficiency

The best brands offer top-of-the-range units that are rated for high efficiency. Whatever the fuel type that the furnace runs on, all furnaces sold today come with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating that tells you how much of the fuel burned by the furnace is actually transformed into heat (a furnace rated to 80%, for example, generates heat from 80% of the fuel consumed). The best brands pay increased attention to this aspect and many of them offer furnaces with efficiency rated up to 98%, meaning that the fuel used by the furnace is almost entirely turned into heat. You can find the information related to fuel efficiency on the yellow EnergyGuide label that will tell you exactly the number of therms used by the unit per year and that will also provide an estimation of the operating costs of the unit calculated based on the national average cost per therm for the fuel used by the furnace.

Extended Warranty

Furnaces are not cheap, requiring homeowners to make a substantial investment whenever they need to replace their furnace. High price makes warranty a very important aspect when it comes to choosing the right furnace – the longer the manufacturer’s warranty, the safer the investment. The best brands use technologies that make it possible for them to offer lifetime warranty on the most important components of their furnaces, such as the heat exchanger and extended warranty on many of the other components, the condition for enforcing the warranty being proper installation and maintenance performed by an authorized professional.

The Availability of Replacement Parts and Accessories

The best furnace brands pay attention to ensuring the proper supply of spare parts and accessories for all their products, even for product lines that they have been discontinued. With a furnace offered by a trustworthy manufacturer, you can be sure that spare parts will be available for years after the purchase, even after your unit’s warranty has expired.

Repair and Maintenance

Good furnace brands are widespread, therefore it is easy to find certified hvac contractors Denver has for the repair and maintenance works that you might need. While looking for the right unit, find out about the service network used by the brand that you have in mind – the best brands work with extensive contractor networks, so whatever issue you may encounter with your furnace, you will find it easy to find a local expert.