Sewer Line Repair Costs – What They Consists of and How You Can Reduce Them

Sewer line repair costs are expenses dreaded by most property owners. A clogged or fissured line can not only lead to health risks and disrupt the day to day life of your household, but it is also hard on your budget, with repair costs amounting to thousands of dollars for sewer replacement on the territory of your property and even more if the pipe section to be removed runs under the street in front of your house or if the repair can be done only after obtaining a permit from the city.


Sewer Line Repair Costs Broken Down


Sewer line repair is a complex procedure that involves more than some drilling and pipe replacement. It all starts with a diagnostic procedure done either using the traditional method of drilling into the line that is suspected to be the culprit or using a video scope, a much more advanced and non-invasive method. The video scope is attached to a special cable or rod and it is introduced into the sewer. As it travels through the pipe, it transmits images to a monitor and the images are analyzed by a technician in real time. The inspection will tell your plumber about the exact location and nature of the problem and he will determine the best way to remedy the problem.


The repair measures may involve drilling and excavation, especially if the damage is extensive, but in some lucky cases the blockages can be efficiently dissolved using chemicals. If the sewer is cracked, but it is still straight and sufficiently large, your plumber may decide that it is possible to avoid complete replacement by pulling a new pipe inside the old one. However, if your sewer is collapsed or it has been damaged by some intruding plant roots, chances are that drilling, breaking and excavation is the only way to fix the problem. In this case, your repair costs will inevitably include the costs of restoration of the excavated parts and paying for rebuilding work as well.


Prevention – The Best Way to Avoid Large Repair Costs


The good news about sewer lines is that they can be efficiently maintained. You cannot skip the diagnostic phase, though – you will need an expert to assess the overall health of your sewer lines and to determine the most adequate prevention measures. Scoped sewer inspection Denver technicians do are great for the purpose and they cost a fraction of repair expenses, but they are invaluable for your piece of mind. After your sewer line is diagnosed, the best course of action can be determined – maybe you can eliminate small build-ups with the help of a sewer snake, maybe you can use some chemicals to dissolve them.


What you must also know about sewer issues is that they don’t necessarily cause problems right from the beginning. If the inspection reveals some long-lingering problems, but you don’t get acute symptoms in the house yet, you can plan ahead, taking one step at a time, not necessary reducing your overall repair costs, but allowing you to prepare for the expenses.